Key’s excuses are wearing thin, says Kevlar Smalley


The sugar tax ? we may yet get one. The Greens have always backed this. Labour was a bit cagey about it but the party seems to be moving on this.

It?s a tax that would be applied to fizzy drinks.

The Health Minister Jonathan Coleman isn?t interested in a sugar tax. He has consistently rejected calls for one. And the main reason that he gives is that there is no evidence to suggest a sugar tax would work.

This ?no evidence? line is starting to wear a bit thin.

Over and over again the government is using it – ‘there’s no evidence’.

Erm.? Rach.? There isn’t any.?

National still won?t budge on this. The Greens have been all over it from day one. And Labour is slowly moving to a position of support on this. Annette King says she can see some merit in a sugar tax.

But surely what we can’t be is politically inactive? Surely we can’t be dormant on a national health issue like this?

I agree that a sugar tax won’t solve childhood obesity. It won’t see an end to rotting teeth.

It won’t help the obese pre-schooler who I saw stuffed into a stroller at the mall recently – he was huge. So huge he couldn’t walk. And on his lap was a two litre bottle of Coke and he was screaming his head off pointing at the ice-cream counter. And his parents were slowly wheeling him towards it. You can’t help him. He’s a product of appalling parenting. The impact he’ll have on our health system will stretch into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But what a sugar tax will do is help to fund some of the fallout on our health system, or the revenue raised can be used to directly target obesity and its prevention.

But wherever you sit on this, inaction, surely, is not an option.

So in one article, she’s gone from 1) why does the government keep saying there is no evidence doesn’t work?? 2) I agree sugar tax doesn’t work? 3)? but let’s tax people some anyway, so we can spend more money helping fat people who are burdening our health system.

Bloody lardo heifers, eh!

Thank God we still have real journalists in this country that are honest enough to say “there is no evidence, but let’s tax people anyway, because fatties need to cover some of their own public health costs”.

But only those that drink soft drinks.? If you eat ice cream and pies, you’re quite safe from Ms Smalley’s taxation plan.


– Rachel Smalley, Newstalk ZB