Kim Dotcom uses the Sharia Law defence


Kim Dotcom has never been a critic of Islam or Islamic nations but this tweet is designed to elicit sympathy and emotion for his situation so he unashamedly makes the comparison.

The first point I will make to challenge his clever comparison is to ask where did the ” affair ” occur? If it occurred in New Zealand then no law has actually been broken even if he is a Saudi Arabian citizen. Did Kim Dotcom run the first Mega from New Zealand? Did he do all the things he ” allegedly ” did from his home at the Dotcom Mansion?

If he broke American law while living in America then that is like having an affair while living in Saudi Arabia. He fled to New Zealand after breaking American law in an attempt to avoid justice. America and New Zealand have an agreement that means they hand over to each other ” alleged ” criminals fleeing justice. I am not aware that we have that kind of reciprocal arrangement with Saudi Arabia.

We know America will not torture him or kill him so our government is happy to hand him over knowing he will be tried under a fair, democratic system. I cannot imagine us handing over a woman to Suadi Arabia for the crime of being raped because that is considered an ” Affair ” over there. Dotcom’s comparison does not hold water