Labour Party server hacked, for real this time



I won’t be so mean as to mock the Labour Party, but they should probably go to the World’s Greatest Sysop at The Standard and get some advice on how to clean their compromised server up, and then shut the door.

It truly is one of those “there for the grace of God go I” kind of situations. ?Labour should just be happy that it’s someone trying to do Sky TV out of more income rather than quietly monitor all that’s going on right up to the election.

One question that does need an answer: ? How much of their membership, volunteer and contact databases have been compromised, not to mention credit cards….

….I can but hope they learned from the last time when they left them all exposed for the world to see.

A server compromise often involves numerous back doors. ?Unless they are all found, or the server is rebuilt from scratch, those people will be straight back in. ?Until then, Labour need to be able to reassure people their personal and financial details have not been downloaded. ? If they can’t be confident, then they need to contact everyone that paid by credit card to warn them their payment details may have been exposed.

Labour shouldn’t feel too bad. ?Hesab’s good at this:


All those sites are running Nationbuilder. ? Whoopsie… that means that other NZ party web sites will be having the same security problem. ?Actionstation was done last week.