Nanny Phil now wants to tax your supermarket bags

One of the most pressing issues of this campaign appears to be the use of plastic shopping bags in supermarkets.

It must be very serious because Phil Goff, the front-runner, now wants to tax or ban plastic shopping bags.

Auckland should follow the United Kingdom and charge about 10 cents for plastic supermarket bags, says Mayoral candidate and Labour MP Phil Goff.

In May this year, Countdown on Waiheke Island stopped using plastic checkout bags and Goff wants to reduce plastic bag use citywide.

“Last year the United Kingdom introduced an equivalent 10 cents charge on all plastic bags used in supermarkets (with exceptions for some goods such as meat, fish and vegetables). The result was an 85 per cent reduction in plastic bag use. This is replicated in cities around the world which have taken this action. We need to do the same,” he said. ?

He said charging for plastic bags cannot be introduced through a council bylaw and as mayor he would work with MPs to promote a change through a Local Bill in Parliament.

Good luck with that. National won’t want to be seen to implementing a nanny-state policy like this.

I am, however, surprised that Phil Goff thinks this is an important?issue.

We have plenty of massive holes in the ground that need filling, and incineration of rubbish is still a viable option. I just don’t understand where the clamour for policies like this is.

Maybe it is because Phil Goff doesn’t want to release any contentious policies and continue his very low profile as a candidate.


– NZHerald