Nick Smith could undermine this Government with his refusal to consult with stakeholders


Chief executive Dion Tuuta says Dr Smith has handled the whole process poorly with a lack of consultation.

On a matter of principle the Kermadec proposal was worse than the foreshore and seabed scrap of the early 2000s, which was about right to go to court to test ownership rights, he told TV3’s The Nation on Saturday.

“This is actually taking away a property right that actually exists.

“We haven’t fished there but our Treaty right also includes the right to develop into the future. So the decision about whether we fish there today, tomorrow or a hundred years from now, that’s is our decision.”

Dr Smith has said any fishing exemptions would undermine any sanctuary’s integrity.

The Maori Party, which is a government ally and wants to bridge the gap between the two parties, is also critical.

The government had overridden Maori interests without any consultation – and if it could do that to the fisheries settlement it could to it to any Treaty settlement, party co-leader Marama Fox told the programme.

Maori were not getting rich off Treaty settlements, which had only returned less than 1 per cent of what was taken through colonisation, she said.

With the Kermadec sanctuary they had been offered the chance to gift more rights back to the government.

“The government have simply not learnt through the bad example of the Labour government,” Mrs Fox said.

It is somewhat gobsmacking that in a climate where Maori have been taken for granted by Labour, and Maori are working hard to create their own political powerhouse, that Nick Smith would be so dense as to simply take their fishing rights without even sitting down to tell them.

Under what scenario is anyone going to react well to having something that belongs to them taken away?

Worse, there are signs the Government is digging in on this issue.


– NZN via Yahoo! News


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  • shykiwibloke

    Nick sees the world through green tinted glasses, and seems to cause issues for his party on a sufficiently regular basis to question his value or otherwise after the next election. Perhaps it’s time for him to retire into the trees.

  • bilgewater

    There is no confiscation of property rights when a marine reserve is created. The only property that exists as regards to fishing is quota. This covers the entire EEZ which includes the Kermadecs. Creating the Kermadecs reserve in no way reduces the amount of quota maori own. This is just another beat up and an excuse to get another handout.

    • biscuit barrel

      Fishing Quota is not a ‘real’ property right. Its a government licence as the tobacco companies found out when they went to court over their ‘trademarks’.

      The other strange thing is that I think the quota allocation for this area was supposed to be zero anyway

    • Mick Ie

      Maori would have supported the marine reserve if they had been invited to have the conversation. After all, see themselves as the Guardians of Aoteroa so they would have agreed AND with no strings attached. Right?

      • bilgewater

        Who cares if Maori support the reserve or not. It’s been created for the people of new zealand. No property confiscation involved. The continual nauseating grandstanding on every issue is just tiresome.

  • Wayne Hodge

    Smith is a recidivist in his failure to consult on this and other issues. He is a political liability. Time for him to go.

    • biscuit barrel

      Its hard not to see thats the case -again. It seems that as a catholic male from the South Island hes protected against almost any punishment for stuff ups by the Pope of Southland.

  • XCIA

    Fox claims “Maori were not getting rich off Treaty settlements.” Perhaps Fox should talk to Captain Underpants on that one.