No, no, no. What sort of an idiot thinks we should hold an Olympics here?

Laura McQuillan writes about a complete fool who has had a rush of shit to the brains and suggested we should hold an Olympics here.

Nothing says “we’re a world-class city” like hosting the Olympic Games?- but could New Zealand ever do the honours?

Actually, nothing says you’re are stupid like?even suggesting such a prolific waste of money.

Pulling off the world’s largest sporting event – whether the Summer or Winter Games -?is a lot of hard slog that brings mountains of debt, international criticism, and?often?not a lot of benefit.

But International Olympic Committee boss Thomas Bach reckons New Zealand?has what it takes to play host.

Who is this fool?

People who even suggest this sort of foolishness should be taken behind the proverbial and now desolate and unused?bikesheds and beaten black and blue.

If you want to created massive indebtedness and build billions in useless and only used once infrastructure then of course hosting the Olympics games is a good idea.

Otherwise, more sensible people should step slowly backwards out of any room a promoter of this silliness sits in.


– Fairfax