No surprise that it wasn’t Billy-bob the red neck from Arkansas, it was Ahmed the still alive terrorist

Gee, what a surprise:

The New York Police Department says it is looking for a 28-year-old man for questioning in the New York City bombing.

The NYPD tweeted Monday morning (US time) that authorities were seeking Ahmad Khan Rahami.

He is a naturalised citizen from Afghanistan.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says he could be armed and dangerous.

An explosion in Manhattan on Saturday injured 29 people. ?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo had said earlier that it didn’t appear to be linked to international terrorism.

A pressure cooker device was also found blocks away, but it didn’t explode.

Authorities were trying to determine if they were connected.

A pipe bomb also exploded Saturday in a New Jersey shore town ahead of a 5km run. No one was injured.

And on Sunday night, five explosive devices were found near an Elizabeth, New Jersey, train station.

He won’t be a terrorist, though. Isis doesn’t operate in the US, even though Ahmed will probably have some funny black curtains in his apartment with white squiggles on them. Likely he will be mentally ill and a lone wolf.

He most certainly won’t be a terrorist.

I’m now just waiting for Hillary Clinton to announce that there is no good reason for people to own pressure cookers and when she becomes president she will see them regulated and ultimately banned.

I do wonder though when our leaders are going to wake up to the problem and cancer that Islam is to our Western ideals.


– NZ Herald