NZ Herald’s owner NZME, have had a server compromised

And the ones to “out them” are Spark. ? No really.


Thanks for playing the Spark Arcade game recently. It?s a promotion we set up with our partner NZME. Unfortunately, we?ve been advised that there has been a security breach on a server used by NZME, hosting the Spark Arcade website.

This means some information about you (your name, email address and mobile number, whether you won a Spark Arcade prize or not, and if you did, what that prize was) was vulnerable to access by a third-party.

A security breach. ?That’s interesting. ?

As soon as we were aware of the problem, we asked NZME to take the Spark Arcade site offline. The information was then removed from NZME and placed on a secure Spark server. We?re not currently aware that any information has been downloaded by third parties, but NZME has confirmed that certain information housed on the server may have been accessed by unknown parties. Because you played Spark Arcade before 26 September 2016, it?s good to be vigilant.

We?re very disappointed that this has occurred and would like to apologise sincerely for any concern it causes you.

Oh dear oh dear.

…there is some risk that you may be targeted in a ‘phishing’ scam. This is an attempt by someone to get more information from you by impersonating a brand or individual such as Spark, Spark Arcade or Spark staff. So, please be vigilant about all emails, texts and phone calls you receive, especially if they ask you to click a link or ask you for more information….

Again, we would like to apologise and we?re working really hard to make sure things like this don?t happen in the future.