NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician nomination- Calum Penrose


Calum Penrose is one of the ratbags that voted for the 9.9% rates rise, and listed as a member of the Terrible Ten by the Auckland Ratepayers Alliance.

He is also a coward, ducking a debate at the Papakura Business Association for the candidates?because he thought that he would get called to account by the people of Papakura he had forgotten when busily voting for all Len Brown’s dopey spending plans ?

By not fronting and not putting in apologies he ensured the business association meeting thought he didn’t want the job enough to come to see them.

While he refuses to speak to his own constituents he meddles and ignores the constituents of other wards like my one. He ignored 100% community submissions against the removal of a 5 year set net ban in Arkles Bay. There wasn’t a single submission but he, along with Linda Cooper and Denise Krum voted to remove the ban.

Penrose emailed me a couple of times to say he was fixing it…well he hasn’t.

Calum Penrose is dead set useless and needs a rinsing.