Piggy Pete Rainey thinks that yelling at the NZTA makes a difference


Apparently, there is traffic congestion in Nelson…snort, snigger…but Piggy Pete is onto it.

Taking action now on Nelson?s traffic congestion is even more important, with the NZTA confirming Council will not be asked to vote on the controversial Southern Link highway, says Mayoral candidate Pete Rainey.

The Nelson Mail reported on Monday that NZTA had revealed the decision on the Southern Link will not be made by the council; and even if the business case is viable, MP Nick Smith admitted it could still be 10 years away.

“This is what we have been saying all along,” Rainey said. “Whatever the decision is, it?s years away – we need to act now. Rachel Reese told a packed Tahunanui Community Centre that she will not do anything about traffic congestion other than wait for link – this is really irresponsible.” ?

Rainey said he agreed that the Southern Link is an election distraction.

“Spending big bucks on a campaign saying Vote the Link is really misleading when that decision will not be made by Council,” he said.

“Right now it?s the school holidays and the traffic issues have melted away – that indicates two things to me – one there are some simple steps we can take to keep our traffic flowing like this all the time and two, given Auckland?s growth and traffic woes the Southern Link is not going to be a high priority for government funding.”

“If Nelsonians elect me as Mayor I?ll be demanding immediate action on congestion and on making our waterfront a better place for everyone – pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.”

These troughers never say boo or issue press releases in any other year except election year. Then they drop shit like this. Seriously? Traffic congestion is an issue in Nelson?

More like Pete Rainey can’t get around all four McDonalds in Nelson in under 15 minutes so it has become an issue.

In any case all he can do is rant at NZTA…that’s not going to get Piggy Pete very far at all.


– Voxy