Quelle surprise, ratbag councillor says one thing in public does quite another privately

Hawkes Bay Regional Councillor Cynthia Bowers is a piece of work.

She has featured on WOBH before as nominee for Dodgiest Local Body Politician.

She is also a supporter of the Dodgy Socialist Dam.

So it is no surprise to find out her socialism extends to voting in secret to support a water bottling company when she publicly opposes them.

Hastings’ deputy mayor is being accused of a flip-flop on her stance on water now that she is standing for the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council.

In a statement to Hawke’s Bay Today, Hawke’s Bay Regional councillor Tom Belford called for current Hastings deputy mayor Cynthia Bowers to “come clean on her history of support for water bottling in Hawke’s Bay”.

“As she seeks to re-invent herself as an environmental candidate for this campaign, Councillor Bowers has turned a political about-face, declaring she is now opposed to water bottling,” he said. “Maybe she will stand fast with that position, maybe not.”

“Now more than ever, voters need to know who they can trust on water issues. My record on water bottling is clear, consistent and unwavering. Her record is not.” ?

He cited his comments at a Napier rally opposing the awarding of water bottling consents in May last year.

Days later, he claims, Ms Bowers and other Hastings District councillors voted in secret to award a $50,000 grant of Hastings ratepayer funds to subsidise water exporter company Miracle Water.

Although her current campaign resources reveal her stance as being against exporting water from the region, Mr Belford said she had previously shown support for water bottling.

He cited a Facebook post written by Ms Bowers in October last year, after she attended the opening of the Miracle Water bottling plant near Hastings.

“At the opening of NZ Miracle Water this morning. This is an exciting new business for Hastings. Over time it will provide 162 new jobs. Just what we need,” it read.

I suppose it shouldn’t really be news that a politician was found to be a two-faced weasel…and a dodgy socialist spending other people’s money in secret.

Tom Belford might be a weird ponytail wearing hippy but at least he is ethical.


– HB Today