Questions for the Nelson Mail


The Nelson Mail appears to be the public outreach for Mayoral Candidate Pete Rainey. Instead of asking him the tough questions that need answering they talk about dirty politics.

Instead of asking the tough questions of Pete Rainey they try to make out he is an absolute angel who is being subjected to an unfair attack. The problem with this narrative is that Rainey has not answered important questions about a variety of issues, and it makes everyone wonder if the Mail should be renamed ? Pete?s Pravda?.

A spokesman for the Auditor General’s Office said it was looking into matters involving Rainey but it was not appropriate to comment on the process while it was ongoing.Rainey said he could not comment on what the Auditor General’s Office was looking into.”I’m confident that this is all going to be resolved.”

Are you confident they will be resolved before the election? And why won?t the Mail explore the conflicts further? Or are they giving Rainey cover until after the election? And if someone is accusing Whaleoil of being paid, which is not happening, why don?t the mail declare why they are so reticent in giving Rainey?s issues coverage?

The questions we would like answered are:

– What are the issues in front of the Auditor General?
– Who referred them for investigation?
– When will they be resolved?
– Why does Pete Rainey think the public do not deserve to know what the story is before they make their minds up on who to vote for?

That’s just a start. Sources inside Nelson?s Pravda are telling us that the editorial perspective of the Mail is deliberate and there is ill feeling about how the senior people at the Mail are refusing to ask the tough questions.

At the moment it appears that they are using the tried and true method of ignoring issues by deploying, ironically, Nelson’s blind eye.