Random Impertinent Questions for Phil Goff


While the “independent” candidate for Auckland’s mayoralty is busily having the Labour party deliver his leaflets and campaign with him I thought it might be timely to ask Phil Goff a number of impertinent questions.

When Richard Prebble left the leadership of the Act party in 2004 it seems there was a mad scramble to find a replacement.

A very well connected messenger was dispatched to Wellington to meet with a certain Labour party MP to consider taking over the leadership of the Act party.

So it seems there are some questions that need asking.?

  1. How many times was Phil Goff approached to become the leader of the Act party?
  2. Was he offered an extra salary component on top of his parliamentary salary to take the position?
  3. Was it $300,000?
  4. Why did he turn it down the first time?
  5. Why did he say yes at first then renege?
  6. Why did he say yes to a second approach?
  7. Why did he turn that down too after a restless night?

If Phil could answer those questions it might remove any doubt as to why he is using blue on his election signs.

We do know that Rodney Hide took over from Prebble, but was he the real first choice?