Red Claire speaks the truth about Labour

Red Claire is having kittens and resigning herself to 3 more years of a National government.

The Kermadecs stoush overshadowed what was otherwise a very good week for National.

It was having a reprieve from the relentless headlines about housing, it unveiled big moves in core bread and butter areas this week: family violence, Auckland transport, a housing development in Northcote.

Then came the release of figures showing 3.6 per cent growth in GDP over the past year. ?

National’s car may have blown its head gasket on occasion, it may well be battered and need more than a bit of tyre blacking and ‘new car’ scented spray spritzed about.

But a Colmar Brunton poll this week showed voters may well not yet be ready to trade it in for Labour.

Labour leader Andrew Little was quick to cry the poll was “bogus” and countered with Labour’s own poll which had a much more generous outlook for Labour.

Whoever’s poll is right, the One News poll does highlight two stark problems for Labour.

The very same poll showed an increase in concern about housing and imigration – the issues Labour claimed it was gaining votes from. The poll showed Labour was not capitalising from that.

The second problem was NZ First and the Greens were both safely above 10 per cent. That would mean Labour’s coalition partners combined were almost the same size as the Labour Party itself.

To swap analogies (why not?) from used cars to the familiar tail wagging the dog one, under MMP voters tend to like their dogs to have as tiny a tail as possible to ensure stable government.

National has three support partners but they are so small they are more like fleas in the general area of a tail.

As things stand, the Labour dog will need both NZ First and the Greens as tails. If Labour polls less than the mid 30s, that is akin to two German Shepherd tails thrashing in opposite directions on the rear end of a pug.

Physics dictates that would not end well for the pug. And as Scotty would say, ‘ye cannae change the law of physics.”

Labour have forgotten their roots, lost their moral compass and their talent pool is as shallow as a car park puddle in high summer.

They are showing their age,?dodgy hips and knees, political dementia, and a few minor strokes. One big stroke will finish them off and I fear that is coming.

Right now they couldn’t organise a fuck in a brothel.


-?NZ Herald