SJB’s and Star Trek

Here’s an interesting clip from Star Trek that would probably confuse the heck out of Social Justice Bullies!

Offence can only be taken, not given. Too many people are bullied into apologising for what are just words.

It appears there are no safe spaces in Star Trek.

I still think the best video of being offended is this one:

Safe spaces, retrospective changing of history and shouting down different viewpoints are all eating away like a cancer at our society.

If you add in capitulation to Islam and you have the main ingredients for the destruction of modern Western society.


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  • JLS

    Yes, a lot to be learned in those old Star Trek episodes- simple stories of courage, mistakes, perseverance, honesty and truth. Live long and prosper.

    • jimknowsall

      And shagging aliens. Don’t forget shagging aliens ;-)