The NZ Left: a dwindling, angry, self-reinforcing sect

Rodney Hide provides some analysis

What ails the left? They lack puff and policy.

They were once vibrant, challenging and full of ideas. The right were the dreary, backward-looking ones.

The left now suffer from closed minds and moral smugness. They are moribund and backward-looking.

They run from ideas. Opposing philosophies distress them.

They pillory dissenters as stupid or immoral and often both. There’s no debating or explaining, just abuse for those who step outside received wisdom.

There is an undercurrent of anger, envy and spite to all of it. ?And somewhat ironically, they are led by someone who is known as Angry Andy, who owns the label, and prides himself on it. ?

The left view their political failure as the fault of voters who must be hoodwinked, stupid, selfish, or suffering some other ethical or intellectual shortcoming. Why else would they not be supporting the left when they are so good and true?

The problem is never with the left or their doctrine.

They are a self-reinforcing sect who in their wretchedness and anger are becoming ever smaller. Their narrow and insular outlook prevents them reaching out. Little wonder it’s not attractive to new recruits.

It’s astonishing that National is now the vibrant party looking to the future and open to diverse views.

Labour is the narrow party that has shut itself off from the great bulk of New Zealanders.

Labour are now the parliamentary arm of the unions. ?It is no longer a broad church. ?Union ‘ethics’ such as acting as a mob, silencing dissenters and labelling scabs (right wingers in its own party!) are now standard tactics.

They even adopted a constitution where unions get a vote, and members get a vote, allowing members that are part of a union to vote twice.

They will never be able untangle themselves from this, and the steady downward spiral is likely to end up where a new labour movement will spark off.


– Rodney Hide, NZ Herald