The PSA Union ruthlessly picks on the little guy


Imagine the scene in the schoolyard. The bully grabs the scrawny new kid and hits him repeatedly. When he asks why the bully is picking on him he replies, ” You are helping Kevin with his homework. You have to stop doing that because he refuses to give me his lunch money and is making me look weak” The new kid is puzzled. ” But I only help him with French,” he replies ” Why aren’t you kicking John and Alan who are the senior students that tutor him for all his other subjects and also help him train for sports? ” “What do you take me for? Have you seen the size of Alan and John? ?I need to send a message to the other kids not to mess with me and you’re that message kid.”

In the news right now the scrawny new kid is online retailer My Food Bag who is being pressured by the PSA Union to end its relationship with its frozen?pea supplier, Talley?s.

My Food Bag founder Cecilia Robinson has pointed out that her business is being unfairly targeted by the PSA whose media advisor ?Jessica Williams wrote an?opinion piece?on NBR criticising My Food Bag. Ms Robinson is upset that her company has been targeted because of its small size while Foodstuffs and Progressive, two large companies have been ignored. She commented to NBR that it is easier for the Unions to attack her company than to look at what the large supermarket chains are doing.

The truth of her comments was backed up by Darien Fenton the organising director of the NZ Meat Workers Union, who confirmed that no formal pressure had been put on Foodstuffs or Progressive to end their supplier relationship with Talley?s.

It is despicable that the Unions are prepared to damage a small New Zealand business in the hope that it will provide them with publicity for their real target. Unions are always quick to talk about bad faith when it comes to bargaining with employers. With their ruthless bullying of My Food Bag, the PSA have revealed themselves to be in no position to pass moral or ethical judgement on any business. They are supposed to care about workers but have no regard whatsoever for the New Zealand workers that will be negatively affected by boycotts of both MyFoodbag and Talleys. I have never understood why a union would tell people to not buy the products that the workers that they represent produce.?Where I come from that is called shooting yourself in the foot.