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The Bruce Springsteen’s classic, Born to Run, almost became the official song of New Jersey until legislators listened to the lyrics and realized the song was about wanting to get out of New Jersey.?(Source)


Tom Clancy’s stories were so detailed, many assumed he was ex-military. In fact he never served. He wrote most of his stories in his spare time whilst working as an insurance salesman.?(Source)


In 2008, natives of the Greek island of Lesbos appealed to a court in Athens to ban the use of the word lesbian to describe sexual attraction between women, claiming that the island’s inhabitants with their 3000 year old history are the true, original lesbians. (Source)


Gingko trees are so hardy that six are known to have survived the atom bomb and are still growing in Hiroshima?they also smell like barf. (Source)


There is a pill called “Father Christmas” that makes your farts smell like chocolate?(Source)


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