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Fuel has gotten so cheap that ships are now choosing to take the long way around Africa rather then pay the fees to transit the Suez Canal (Source)


Namibia auctioned off the rights to kill a rare black rhino for $350,000; the rhino was too old to breed and could’ve endangered other members of the herd. (Source)


The Netherlands used to flood certain areas in times of war to create a military defensive line. The water was too shallow for boats, but deep enough to hide traps and ditches under. (Source)


During the filming of the climactic flood scene in Noah’s Ark (1928), the great volume of water used was so overwhelming (600,000 gallons) that three extras drowned, one was so badly injured that his leg needed to be amputated, and a number suffered broken limbs and other serious injuries (Source)


“Walking Corpse Syndrome” is a mental condition in which sufferers believe they are missing internal organs, have no blood, or that they are dead outright. PET scans of a patient showed he exhibited brain activity similar to someone asleep or under anaesthesia (Source)


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