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There is art on the moon. One of the artworks is a penis drawn by Andy Warhol (Source)


African Elephants fall pregnant once every 5 years. They have only 5 days to conceive. If they don’t, they have to wait another 5 years (Source)


New York’s Statue of Liberty is legally married (under Nevada’s laws) to Christopher Columbus monument in Barcelona, Spain. (Source)


Sperm whales are the loudest animals on Earth. Their calls reach up to 230 decibels. (Source)


The word plagiarism comes from plagiarii. In the ancient Mediterranean world, plagiarii were pirates who kidnapped young children, among other misdeeds. When plagiarists claim someone else’s ideas as their own, they steal someone else’s brainchild. (Source)


Yes, the photo is related to an item, but we are no longer tracking the answers or doing a league table. So by all means look for the link, but you may not get confirmation that you are correct.

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