TVNZ: Too much money – Too little brains


TVNZ is set to abandon more than 40 years of history this weekend, as it farewells the TV One brand, renaming the channel TVNZ 1.

The move, announced this afternoon at the network’s new season launch, is part of a wider overhaul, which will see TV2 renamed TVNZ 2 and One News to become 1 News.

It follows a major overhaul by rival broadcaster MediaWorks this year, which saw it ditch the 3 News brand in favour of Newshub,

The cost of doing this will be substantial. ?This branding is through everything in the whole organisation. ? The question as to be asked: ?what is the net benefit? ?

While traditionally the new season launch event has focussed on upcoming series and major international content deals, this year’s event was all about promoting TVNZ’s digital offerings.

From 2017, TVNZ will offer livestreaming of all its channels, including TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2 and TVNZ Duke, matching a service already offered by rival network MediaWorks.

“Time poor viewers don’t wait for content. In response, you can expect to see TVNZ premiere more content OnDemand than ever before, to make full series available from day one where we can, and to provide live online streaming access to our linear channels,” said chief executive Kevin Kenrick.

The broadcaster also announced a host of new initiatives, collectively titled “New Blood”, designed to develop new local talent. Part of the project will include establishing “an in-house content lab to create more short-form multimedia content”.

It’s a busy marketplace. ?Ten years ago, all that TVNZ had to do was beat TV3. ?Now, the whole world has come calling.

I started following Good Morning Britain in the weeks leading up to the Brexit vote to get the overnight news summaries from the UK and Europe. ?I suspect media consumers in New Zealand will prefer to go closer to the source, just like we did with the Clinton/Trump debate.

The fact TVNZ are looking at content creation is critical. ?Consumers want it now, they want all of it, and they are not going to wait for TVNZ scheduling. ?As soon as Game of Thrones airs somewhere in the world, the demand to see the episode is ?instant.

As for TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2… what a way to waste money.


– NZ Herald