Vernon is still baffled, this time over John Key’s support for Dear ex-Leader

Vernon is still baffled, this time over John Key’s support for Dear ex-Leader, Helen Clark.

Contrast Little’s stance with Prime Minister John Key’s enthusiastic championing of Clark, his former rival, as the next United Nations chief.

There are no signs the straw poll overnight will contain any better news for Clark, who has languished down the league tables so far.

But Key has been unstinting in his efforts, leading US Vice-President Joe Biden to joke he thought she must be Key’s sister.

There must have been times when Key felt like telling her the game is up, especially now a couple of countries with veto powers have been tipped among her “discourage” votes. But he has steadfastly insisted in public that the call to quit is hers, not his, to make. ?

Beyond the altruistic reasons for seeking a top slot for a Kiwi on the world stage, it is unlikely Key will be blind to the domestic advantages for him.

Clark was, after all, popular with many a centrist and women voter in her time and still commands respect. Showing magnanimity towards her can hardly harm his prospects of a fourth term ? and might well improve it.

Which underscores just how odd it was that Little would distance himself from her comments ? especially when the UN secretary-general vote is coming to a head.

John Key is simply backing a great Kiwi candidate for the world stage. Helen Clark has the?credentials and it shows he is a much bigger man than Andrew Little.

Andrew Little looks petulant and prissy and a know it all, while John Key looks diplomatically and sensible.

There is some pragmatism though, John Key wants Helen Clark back in the?country like I want cancer.


– Fairfax