Want to know why your rates bill keeps increasing? Len Brown has let staff numbers explode

The disaster of the mayoralty of the rooting ratbag Mayor Len Brown shows how out of control Auckland Council is.

The wages bill at Auckland Council has topped $800 million and the number of fulltime staff has climbed to nearly 10,000.

The latest council figures show fulltime equivalent staff numbers have risen from 9678 to 9870 between the 2015 and 2016 financial years. This is a rise of 192 staff.

Salaries and wages have risen from $771 million to $803 million, although this includes $20 million of staff costs previously budgeted as operating costs. ?

The net increase of $12 million is an improvement on last year’s $63 million blowout in staff costs.

Since the Super City was formed in 2010, fulltime equivalent staff numbers have risen from 8207 and wage costs have climbed from $615 million.d

There are?now 1400 more staff in the Super City compared with when it was formed, ostensibly to reduce overheads.

Len Brown, who was a third rate conveyancing lawyer in a suburban law firm, has shown how desperately unsuited he was for the Auckland Council mayoralty.

Perhaps we should ask the government for a Commissioner instead because it is highly likely that Phil Goff will just carry on this nonsense.


– NZ Herald