Where is Jessica Williams going to get her peas from now?


Jessica Williams has just run into a massive problem. Fresh from her campaign to bully My Food Bag into ditching Talleys peas from My Food Bag she now has an ethical dilemma to deal with.

It seems McCains is now also persona non grata with union ratbags.

Their crime?

Using “scab labour”.

McCain Foods?South Canterbury?workers who have travelled to Australia to fill in for striking workers from the company’s Ballarat factory have been condemned by the E t? union.

E tu?national industry strategy director Neville Donaldson, whose role focuses on the food industry, has confirmed three workers from South Canterbury travelled to Ballarat last week and a further seven are expected to go this week.

It is believed they were shuffled through the Ballarat factory’s back doors to avoid picketing staff.

One of the workers, a Timaru man, was a union member who resigned his membership?as soon as the union expressed?concerns to him about his decision to travel to Australia.?

“We are both horrified and disgusted in the action of those workers to travel that distance to be there and undermine the rights and terms and conditions of other workers,” Donaldson said.

“It is about as low as you can go.”

The workers were described as “shop floor operators”, holding positions titled process operator and leading hand.

Donaldson received a report late last week about the workers’ intentions.

“We have notified our colleagues in Australia that these workers are coming and apologised profusely that New Zealanders would do such a thing. We are communicating and working with them to do what we can to help resolve their dispute,” Donaldson said.

Jessica Williams claimed victory, as you can see from her tweet above, but she doesn’t realise that all My Food Bag did was find the whinging harpies going on about Talleys and substituted their product with McCains. Instant silence, the lefty harpies think they’ve won and all is peace in the world again.

Until McCains gets busted for using what unions call “scabs”.

Now, Jessica Williams has a dilemma…she’s not going to get any more peas since McCains must surely now be off limits for these social justice bullies.

For some reason, she claims that she wasn’t calling for a boycott…but her hashtag of #notmyfoodbag is clearly a call to boycott.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.33.08 PM Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.55.18 AM

I look forward to her showing consistency in boycotting products of employers she or the unions don’t agree with.

Her cupboard may become very bare in short order.


– Fairfax