Who are the Dodgy Socialist Dam supporters this election?

As regular readers know this blog loathes?socialism and loathes those who make us pay for their dodgy socialist projects.

So, we have been right at the front of the campaign against the extremely dodgy Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme, promoted by Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson, the chair of the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council.

In recent comments, we were asked which candidates support and which candidates oppose the dodgy socialist dam. This is the list (incumbents are underlined):

Dean Whaanga Opposes
Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson Supports
Paul Bailey ?Opposes
Alan Dick Supports
Moria Irving Supports
Neil Kirton Supports with a weasel clause, and will stop supporting it the moment it is in his own interest not to support it.
Martin Williams ??Supports

?Rick Barker? ?Opposes
?Tom Belford ?Opposes
Cynthia Bowers ?Supports
?Tim Gilbertson ?Supports
?Rex Graham? ?Opposes
?Peter Beavan ?Opposes
?Dan Ross ? No obvious position but Peter Beavan is a good mate of Mike ?Fat Tony? Williams, this blogs favourite left wing backroom operator, so expect Peter to win.
Central Hawkes Bay ?Opposes
Dan Elderkamp ?Opposes
Debbie Hewitt ?Supports

If just one of the current supporters loses and an opponent of the dam joins the current 4 who are opposed then the dam is dead.

With the current water issues in the area, it would be wise for voters to protect the water quality they have right now rather than elect a council who is proposing to build a dam that would make it worse. They are the poacher and the gamekeeper. They refuse to uphold their own water standards despite the Tukituki River already being at the maximum headroom for nutrients. If they stay in control of the council then they will simply change the rules and allow increased nutrients despite losing in this regard in every aspect before the Board of Inquiry.

Water quality is already compromised. The region can’t afford anymore degradation of river water quality. Vote for the rivers, Make sure you vote against those who support the dodgy socialist dam, and turning the Tukituki Rover toxic.