Why does Phil Goff hang around with dodgy, corrupt, convicted ratbags?

Corrupt former Labour party candidate was in the news again last week for more ratbag behaviour.

He is a darling of the Labour party however and in the past both Goff and his putative replacement in MT Roskill Michael Wood have enjoyed being seen with him.

But what we can reveal today after information via the tipline became available is that Phil Goff is still consorting with the corrupt ratbag.

On the 14th of August this year a fundraiser for Phil Goff was held at an Indian restaurant in Papakura.

And there, front and centre with Daljit Singh was Phil Goff.




It seems corruption is encouraged by the Labour party and “independent” Phil Goff.

It’s not like Goff can claim he doesn’t know him. He’s stood with him before…along with Michael Wood



Is Phil Goff comfortable associated with corrupt former candidates and general ratbags? It seems so.



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  • Nechtan

    He held hands with the terrorist PLO leader Yasser Arafat, what do we expect?

  • sheppy

    He spat on returning Soldiers, that alone means the man is beyond contempt and totally unfit for public office.
    Associating with corrupt former colleagues – why is anyone surprised at that, and at the Media Party turning a blind eye.

    • SAM51

      He threw paint at returning Vietnam vets

  • Doc45

    Goff is happily all things to all people and therefore nothing to anyone.

  • XCIA

    Doesn’t anyone else get sick of looking at Goff’s plastic smile?

    • SAM51

      Don’t forget his monotone almost computer like way he talks