November 2016

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Thirty years after the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, the radioactive remains of the power plant’s destroyed reactor 4 have been safely enclosed following one of the world’s most ambitious engineering projects. Read more »

UN and the World Health Organisation target harmless vaping

Who am I?

Guess who the mystery person using the 3 clues. Include in your comments how the clues relate to the mystery person

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You are smart, but people are dumb


Well, this was inevitable


Daily Roundup

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This sexual predator was deregistered and failed to get name suppression


The [New Zealand Teachers’ Disciplinary] tribunal noted that’s Finch’s bid for name suppression was done in a “novel way”.

“The respondent squarely relied upon the detrimental reputational impact she says will be caused to the school if her name is published.

“Under this approach, the respondent says that her name should be suppressed to protect the school’s interests.”

The school did not seek name suppression.

That’s a life down the drain. Read more »

New Zealand. Where bureaucrats make things hard

You have to wonder why councils exist. Is it to make life hard to open a  business?

In Tokoroa, it certainly seems so.

Disagreement with a local council over an exposed beam in a new Tokoroa restaurant and bar continues to prevent its opening.

South Waikato District Council staff met with Wawa Eatery, in Bridge St, owner Lorraine Young last Monday over the issue.

Young has spent several months setting up the business with a trendy industrial theme.

She is now ready to open but the council is refusing to let her due to an exposed beam above the bar area potentially catching dust and falling into drinks.  

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What you call a seclusion room, I call sick bay number two

The wet liberal lefties have gone into a spin painting secure rooms at schools as prison cells.  Of course, now we have to make those illegal, even though they are needed under certain circumstances.

Palmerston North’s Awatapu College special needs unit, a seclusion room has been used to keep students and staff safe when a violent student has lashed out.

The chair of its Board of Trustees, Jeremy Neild, said for years it had been used by only one student.

“We did have a behaviourally challenging boy that used to get into a rage quite quickly and he would headbutt and kick staff if he got obsessive about something. He was put into that room while the staff called the police.

“That was quite an extreme case and quite rare,” he said.

Mr Neild said the safety of all staff and students was the priority, and if the rooms were outlawed that safety could be compromised.

Oh, then the schools and the Education Minister will just be accused of not providing a safe working environment.    Read more »