How is 10,022 ratbags locked up in prison a bad thing?

Well, it’s a bad thing when your Corrections spokesman is the criminal friendly and ratbag enabler Kelvin Davis.


If you thought that was bad, look at his next tweet:


Someone is clearly manstruating, and it is showing.

It’s not a good look for an MP hoping that criminals will come and target constituents so he can prove a point.

But then again, it is just what his leader wants.

Aggro and hostility is precisely what unions do and Kelvin Davis is making a good fist of appearing to be precisely that.

It is great work from the Police that we are locking up crims, despite our judges preferring catch and release justice. No one cares, except Labour that there are 10,022 ratbags locked up in prison and off our streets. Now if they could just lock up another 10,000 we’d be getting somewhere.


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