More Boag/Hughes Spin on Clutha Southland

You can always pick a hit job when you know the people behind it. Someone fed their tame journalist Lloyd Burr at Newshub.

Burr has been fed all the lines. We will decode them here for him because he is obviously so far out of touch he practically needs something written for someone who has barely migrated beyond ?Go Dog Go?.

It starts with the headline “Bill English refuses to back embattled MP Todd Barclay? giving the impression that English is backing his opponent. Let’s look at what English actually said and explain it for Lloyd Burr.

Finance Minister Bill English, who held the seat before Mr Barclay, is refusing to endorse him for a second term, meaning Mr Flood has a good chance of taking over the seat.

“It’s a matter for the party. I’m not a participant. The party is doing the selection,” says Mr English.

English is saying what he means. He is taking the very proper and correct line that all MPs and Board members with integrity must take, that they are not taking sides in the selection. Burr manages to buy into Glenda Hughes? spin that English?s statement means he is favouring the challenger.

?Numerous Scandals? is in fact some useless old time staff who did nothing when Bill was MP, because Bill was far too busy for Clutha-Southland, cutting up rough because they were expected to work for the new MP who is covering the biggest General Electorate in the country and needs staff who aren?t lazy and will do constituency work.

“It was rumoured police were involved, but Mr Barclay denies that.?

If Lloyd Burr was a?competent journalist he would not recycle this bullshit. He would fact check with the police first, rather than parroting the lines of board members trying to control a local selection. This is exactly the kind of malicious rumour used to hammer a political opponent and he fell for it. The correct message would be:

?Allegations of police investigations were malicious and unfounded, created by staff members who didn’t like having to work and who prefered their MP to live in Karori, far, far away. Police sources say that no serious complaint was made, and no action was taken.”

National selections are decided on the ground in the electorate. Not by Auckland and Wellington alleged power brokers who have no connection at all with the Clutha-Southland electorate. Lloyd Burr would do well to understand this and not regurgitate spoon fed bullshit from people who are setting him up to look like an idiot.