Disgusting Journalist deliberately puts Pamela Geller’s life in danger

This is the face of journalist Cathy Young who put Pamela Gellers life in danger

This is the face of journalist Cathy Young who put Pamela Geller’s life in danger

Pamela Geller has an ISIS fatwa on her head and was also included on an SPLF hit list . Journalist Cathy Young chose to publish Pamela Geller’s location despite being well aware of the many death threats against her. Luckily for Pamela, she got her location wrong  but she had no good reason to publish her address in the first place. The question has to be asked. Does she want ISIS to kill Pamela Geller?

Pamela Geller is furious and I don’t blame her one little bit.

Here’s the good news: neither you nor I were born Cathy Young.

Here’s the good news: neither you nor I have to wake up every day as Cathy Young.

Here’s the good news: neither you nor I have to lead Cathy Young’s miserable, pathetic life.

Here’s the good news: neither you nor I have to stand in front of a mirror every morning and try to apply lipstick to the unfixable ugliness in her face, her heart (tiny as it is), and her soul (if she does indeed have one). As ugly as she is, she is far uglier inside.

…On my worst day, I would throw a parade down Fifth Avenue for not being Cathy Young on her best day.

Robert Spencer has this to say about Cathy Young…

Last year, after Islamic jihadis tried to murder Pamela Geller and me in Garland, Texas, “journalist” Cathy Young published not one, but two lengthy and mendacious rants attacking us (here and here) — and those followed several other broadsides against me over the years: Young is a determined and longtime apologist for jihad terror.

…Young doesn’t realize, or would never admit, that what the SPLC is doing now to Hirsi Ali and Nawaz (and thirteen others, including me) is exactly the same thing that she has done repeatedly to me, as well as to Pamela Geller, over the years.

…This whole episode only illustrates what I’ve pointed out for years: no criticism of Islam or opposition to jihad terror, no matter how mild or carefully couched (or accurate), is acceptable to the Left (such as the SPLC) and its Islamic supremacist allies.

Robert then refers to the inclusion in an article written by Cathy Young of Pamela’s location.

…note that Young writes “Pamela Geller of” a certain location. Is she trying to signal to jihadists who may want to enforce the Islamic State’s death fatwa against Pamela Geller where they might find her? Is she trying to get Geller killed? Or just intimidate her into silence? Having signally failed to make her smears against Geller and me stick in the past, is Young moving to a new level of thuggery? No one else’s location is given in the article.

– pamelageller.com

Both Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller joined Gab yesterday. Revealing someone’s personal details like their address without their permission is against the rules of Gab.









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