Dopey Meat-workers unionists attack wrong target

How retarded are Meat-workers unionists in going after Westpac instead of their dodgy, corrupt, thieving shed boss?

Protest action has taken place outside Westpac in Invercargill on Friday after the bank’s financial offer to the victims of an alleged cheque fraud was deemed inadequate.

More than $55,000 was allegedly stolen from a meatworkers union “shed fund” expense account at the Blue Sky Meats processing plant over a seven year period.

The shed fund committee team has been seeking reparation from Westpac for the lost funds.

Documents reveal there has been ongoing correspondence between the two parties, with the bank making a final offer to the shed fund to settle the dispute.

However, the shed fund members, who are union members working at the plant, said the offer was too low and they refused to be bound by a confidentiality agreement.

They protested outside the Westpac Invercargill branch from 11am-12.30pm on Friday, saying they want to show other non profit groups and clubs what can happen if a bank fails to detect fraud on two-signature cheques.

It was their union boss who stole the money, they should be going after him not Westpac. As is usual with retarded union members it is everyone else’s fault.

Then Fairfax just gets into fantasyland:

The saga began at least eight years ago.

Money was paid into the shed fund account by union members at the meatworks plant and it was meant to be spent on expenses incurred by onsite union officials in the course of their union duties.

However, allegations surfaced that cheques were drawn for personal use on at least 500 occasions between 2007 and 2015.

Eddie Wood, who works at Blue Sky Meats and has been chairman of its unionised shed fund committee since 2015, says the bank’s offer to settle the dispute was too low.

He believes the bank should have had procedures in place to detect the “unsophististicated” fraud.

Perhaps Evan Harding, the so-called journalist, might have checked his own organisation’s archives which reported just three weeks ago that:

An Invercargill man is facing multiple charges totalling nearly $55,000 for allegedly misusing a meatworks company’s union expense account.

Court documents reveal Jamie David Clark, 61, faces more than 35 charges between 2007 and 2015.

Police allege he dishonestly used Blue Sky Meat Workers union shed account cheques for personal use on at least 500 occasions, the documents reveal.

It is understood Clark had worked at Blue Sky Meats and was an on-site union official at the time of the alleged offending.

It was their own union boss who committed the fraud.

Why do media ignore their own stories as they seek to advocate on behalf of unions and attack those nasty banks. The person responsible was their shed boss. Go after him you retards.


– Fairfax


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