Why is Glenda Hughes involving herself in selections?

The tipline has been running hot since we outed National Party Board Member Glenda Hughes as being the person behind the challenge of Clutha-Southland MP Todd Barclay. Hughes is Wellington based, and the National Party membership have a long-standing hatred of outsiders meddling in their selections.

What is worse than meddling in selections outside your own region is meddling in selections in your own region and losing. ?

The tipline is saying Glenda Hughes decided that she would engineer Chris Finlayson into Ohariu to replace Brett Hudson. Lord knows why, especially when Glenda was told to piss off by Ohariu and had to run away with her tail between her legs. All this did was completely alienate Brett’s friends in caucus and the Ohariu National Party members.

The National Party should be telling Glenda Hughes that if she wants to participate in selections and jack up selections for her favoured candidates she should do the honourable thing and resign from the board. The Board has to remain neutral in selections, and Glenda?s involvement in Clutha-Southland and Ohariu are both completely untenable for a neutral board member. A board member with integrity would have resigned before embarking on Hughes? attempts to get her chosen ones into parliament.