Irritating noises

Guest post


Most of us value a calm and serene environment, and most of us go out of our way to not make irritating noises. But some people have little regard for the comfort of others and couldn’t care less about offending our eardrums. Here are the top five sounds that have been compromising my inner (and outer) peace lately.

  1. Fireworks
  2. Credit card tapping
  3. Pen clicking
  4. Car alarm chirping sounds
  5. iPhone typing clicks

The author, Shelley Bridgeman, doesn’t even come close to my list.  Although fireworks would make on it under certain circumstances.

I do believe there is altogether too much noise in the world today.  Even when you go and sit at a beach or take a walk in a park, you can hear road  noise, planes, drones, construction sounds…  It is remarkable when you find yourself in a location where there is absolutely no human-generated sounds.

My top hate is people making eating and drinking noises while they are on a phone call with you.  I will actually hang up.  Similarly, if someone stands next to my desk talking to me while eating.  Same deal.  Get out.  Now.

What irritating sound makes it to the top of your list?

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– NZ Herald


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