Let’s play the CNN porn game


This week CNN accidentally aired  30 minutes of hard core, transsexual porn. Some would say that it’s the first real news CNN has aired in years but what is even funnier is the name of the show that was supposed to be playing that the porn replaced for half an hour. The show was called…
wait for it…

Parts Unknown

…“the show’s title took on a brand new meaning when the scheduled programming was replaced with explicit material starring adult transsexual film star Riley Quinn.”

…It remains to be seen if in response to its collapsing ratings, CNN will refocus from waging war on “fake media”, and make airing of hard core porn during primetime TV a part of scheduled programming. Come, pardon the pun, to think of it, “Deep Quote with Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper” is a “news” show we could certainly sink our teeth into.

-Pamla Geller

It’s the weekend so I think we should have a little fun and should play the CNN porn game but apply it to New Zealand media outlets, TV,Radio and newspaper

I will start you off…

Newstalk ZB becomes…Newstalk BJ

More FM becomes More S&M

I also found this great Porn Star name generator 

Rachel Smalley becomes Nikky Hymen

Mike Hosking becomes Lex Phukzalot

You get the idea.

Maximum points are awarded for those who can come up with funny puns like Deep Quote with Wolf Blitzer.


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