Is Michelle Boag spinning against Todd Barclay?


Hot on the heels of the attack on Todd Barclay in the ODT came a predictable attack on him on Radio Live. Radio Live reckon that Barclay is going to be beaten by challenger Simon Flood, ?a Merrill Lynch Banker?. They then go on to say that Barclay was the youngest MP to be elected and will be the youngest to be unelected.

The tip line is saying that Glenda Hughes? ally Michelle Boag is all over this. Boag is forever meddling in electorates she has no business being in, and Hughes is stupid to get an Aucklander involved in the deep south. The article is from a?journalist who simply doesn’t understand the National Party selection process, or who has spent any time on the ground in Clutha-Southland. ?

The National Party selection process is very clear. If you have more than 600 members the region or the party HQ cannot get involved. Here is the constitution so journalists can prove they can read and understand the process.

People on the ground decide the selection for National. A strong resume doesn’t make a difference if the locals don?t like you or prefer one their own. Remember that David Kirk, All Black captain, winner of the world cup, Rhodes Scholar and unbelievably talented man with global stature got beaten by the relatively pedestrian Clem Simich when Rob Muldoon retired.

What Glenda Hughes wants doesn’t matter. It is what the large number of delegates from around Southland want that matters. The media should stop buying into Glenda Hughes? bullshit.