New Zealand Feminists respond to Dr Sahib’s misogynistic words

Many people and groups have spoken out publically since Whaleoil first published a video containing clips from a number of different sermons given by Dr Sahib.

The Human Rights Commission

Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand


Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Council of Ex-Muslims of New Zealand

The Wellington Abrahamic Council of Jews, Christians and Muslims

The International Muslim Association of New Zealand

The New Zealand Jewish Council

Dame Susan Devoy,

Hon Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga

David Seymour,

Winston Peters,

James Shaw

I was particularly disappointed by the lack of response from New Zealand’s feminist organisations so I sent four of them an e-mail inviting them to respond six days ago. I included a link to our video and followed up three days later with another video that showed them specifically the misogynistic comments that he made.

The groups I contacted were  The National Council of Women of New Zealand , Women’s Studies Association New Zealand, Auckland Women’s centre and The Hand Mirror ( a group of feminist blogs in New Zealand )

The National Council of Women of New Zealand is a very large organisation so I also e-mailed the twenty individual heads of all their local branches as well as their National office. The e-mail I sent all four feminist groups were very similar but below is the one I sent to the National Council Of Women of New Zealand.

My e-mail subject heading was,”Evil can only flourish if good women do nothing.”

Dear members of the National Council of Women of New Zealand

I am not a third wave feminist but I am most certainly a feminist and I write about feminist issues. I may not share the same politics as some of you and my feminist beliefs may also differ from your own in some ways but like you all, I strongly believe in equality for New Zealand women. ALL New Zealand women not just non-Muslim women.

Recently our blog broke the story of Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib which led to a lot of media interest as well as condemnation of his words by political parties and Muslim organisations.

I was very disappointed to see that not one feminist organisation in New Zealand condemned him for what he said.The ONLY women’s group in New Zealand that stood up and condemned him was the Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand

I invite you one and all to make a public response to his misogynistic words. He thinks we all should not leave the house without the permission of our husbands.Are you going to let this go unchallenged?

 You are welcome at any time to submit a response to our blog which we will publish in full and unedited.Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib’s views are insidious and represent a real threat to women’s rights here in New Zealand.

I urge you all to stand up to him and to support the Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand in their condemnation of him.

I am sad to report that not one of the twenty branch office heads replied to my e-mail and the National office ignored my e-mail totally as well. I received no response from the Auckland Women’s centre or The Hand Mirror ( a group of feminist blogs in New Zealand ) The only group to respond to me was the Women’s Studies Association New Zealand who asked for more details about our blog. I described the blog and got a reply thanking me for the information and then nothing. In my reply, I suggested that they might prefer to send their response to mainstream media for publication rather than our blog.


Kate Sheppard

Kate Sheppard fought to give New Zealand women the vote. New Zealand was the first country in the world to give women the vote and that is something that I am very proud of. What I am not proud of is so-called feminist organisations that complain about micro-aggressions, glass ceilings and push the myth of a gender pay gap but won’t say a word in opposition when an influential Imam like Dr Sahib says that wives should not dare to leave the house without the permission of their husbands. We might as well all go and stock up on our niqabs now. If this lot represent New Zealand feminism there is no line of defence for New Zealand women from this kind of misogyny. They are clearly too scared of one Salafist Imam to stand up and be counted.

Shame on them.


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