NZ Herald thinks it’s OK To ridicule the Old Testament

NZ Herald thinks it’s OK to ridicule the Old Testament.

And, it is ok. Praise the Lord, that Ana Samways chose to mock the old testament, sacred to Christians and Jews, instead of mocking the Quran, Mohammed or Muslims in her sideswipe column from Monday.

What do Christians and Jews do in response to ridiculing of their good book? Why, they write letters and discuss.


This Sideswipe column is only mildly witty in some parts. It was ridicule, but acceptable ridicule, and today, the NZ Herald published a letter from someone who was offended. Good on them. Power of the pen.


But what would have happened if Samways had chosen instead to ridicule the Quran, Mohammed or Muslims?

God only knows, but here are some ideas:


The NZ Herald once again shows its selective biases when it comes to mocking religion. They pile in on Christians and Jews, but tip-toe around Muslims. Brian Tamaki is fair game and needs article after article slamming him, but ratbag Islamic hate preachers get barely a mention and only after every other media outlet has run stories.

The NZ Herald is a shadow of its former self, it has now become an embarrassment.


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