This sexual predator was deregistered and failed to get name suppression


The [New Zealand Teachers’ Disciplinary] tribunal noted that’s Finch’s bid for name suppression was done in a “novel way”.

“The respondent squarely relied upon the detrimental reputational impact she says will be caused to the school if her name is published.

“Under this approach, the respondent says that her name should be suppressed to protect the school’s interests.”

The school did not seek name suppression.

That’s a life down the drain.





Keeping in mind teachers are “BTs” (Beginning Teachers) for two years when they don’t even have full registration, and the the offence occurred in 2013, she wasn’t wasting any time.


The question that Whaleoil continues to pose is:  What is being done to prevent these people entering the profession in the first place?

It was only her blatant … idiocy that caused her to be outed so early.

Their story emerged after images of the couple in bed circulated on social media.


She got a degree, she got her teacher’s cert, then she got into bed with a student while still in her trial period, and all of that happened to blow up ONLY because she was thick enough to brag about it on the Internet.   How was she even deemed smart enough to be a teacher?  It shows a total lack of judgement.

The questions remain:

How do people like this get accepted as teachers in the first place?

Were there any signs along the way that raised red flags?

What was done about them, if anything?

What can the profession do better at weeding out sexual predators getting access to our children via our schools?


– Stuff, Daily Mail, Dominion Post, Education Council


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