Another Fake hate crime but why she did it is the real story

Most fake hate crimes against Muslims are reported by Muslim women who are activists. They get their fake victimhood promoted by CAIR in order to turn public attention from Islamic terrorism and local hate preachers onto the made up Islamophobia of non-Muslim Americans instead.

In this case, however, there were no political machinations behind it although that didn’t stop CAIR jumping in boots and all, as usual, to try to make political capital out of it. The motivation of the 18-year-old?Egyptian woman Yasmin is the real story as it illustrates that she feared her family more than she feared the consequences of filing a false report with the police. She is currently facing punishment of?up to a year in jail.

It is irresponsible to waste police time with false claims of this kind of hate crime. This kind of thing makes it harder for genuine victims of such attacks. However, the details behind Yasmin’s story show a common problem for many Muslim teenagers living in Western countries – particularly girls. It can be very difficult when conservative parents have unrealistic and oppressive rules. The dynamics of these socially conservative communities need to be better understood.

-facebook Council of Ex-Muslims of New Zealand

Yasmin Seweid, 18…

had claimed the hateful drunks shouted, ?Trump! Trump!? and called her a ?terrorist? as they tried to steal her headscarf. ?Go back to your country!? she said they shouted during the supposed Dec. 1 attack.

But when cops tried to confirm her story by checking surveillance video, they determined that her story didn?t add up.

-New York Times

When we look through news stories about the fake hate crime we begin to gain a glimpse of a young woman who is justifiably?terrified of her family.

That?s when she cracked, admitting she had been out late drinking with friends and made up the attack story to distract her angry father, sources said.

Seweid had been having problems with her strict Muslim Egyptian family in North New Hyde Park because she is becoming ?Westernized,? one source said. Those problems were aggravated when they learned she was dating a Catholic…

She left with her father and was escorted by court officers.

A young man threw a dark jacket over her head ? with her once-long hair shorn in a buzz cut ? and then helped her into a black SUV…

-New York Times

Yasmin Seweid leaving courtPhoto: Steven Hirsch

Yasmin comes from a strict Egyptian Muslim family and wears a hijab yet this is how she appeared in court.

Yasmin appeared in court with her head shaved and without her hijab Photo: Steven Hirsch

Saweed Seweid, Yasmin?s father, told DNAinfo: ?Maybe she was afraid that night. She was running late.?

What was Yasmin afraid of? I wonder if having her head forcibly shaved was the least of her concerns?

What was going on that scared her so much that she had to make up a story like this? That is what I?m struggling with,? she adds. ?When an earthquake happens, the walls that have the cracks are going to crumble first.?

That question?what drove her to make up the story?was also posed by Sara Seweid, Yasmin?s sister, in a Facebook post?on Thursday afternoon. ?I really think people who are so concerned about how Muslims will be perceived in the media or how future hate crimes will be dealt with need to take a step back and think why Muslim [women of color] felt the need to do this. It?s not for attention,?

Muslim women like Yasmin want to integrate and assimilate into our tolerant western society but their intolerant Muslim families are holding them back with threats and punishments. This fake hate crime has revealed the reason why second and even third generations of offspring from Muslim immigrant families are not successfully integrating into the tolerant western society that welcomed them with open arms.