Bullshit claim about MP debunked

Some merry band of idiots have decided that they don?t like Todd Barclay, Bill English?s replacement in Clutha-Southland. This includes Glenda Hughes, National party board member who has been meddling in a number of selections rather than observing the strict neutrality a board member with integrity would observe.

One of the stories that has been seeded is that Todd Barclay did something dodgy that required a police investigation. Unfortunately for Glenda the complaint went nowhere.

Clutha-Southland MP Todd Barclay will not face charges in relation to an allegation that he recorded private communications.

The allegation came after the resignation of his Gore-based senior electorate agent Glenys Dickson in February, with a party official citing an “employment problem” between the pair. ?

A police spokesman said in a statement they received a complaint in February 2016 regarding an allegation that private communications had been intercepted by an individual.

The complaint was assessed and an investigation was commenced. This investigation examined all the available information, including interviews with key witnesses.

The file was also referred to the Police legal section for review.

After consideration of all relevant information and the Solicitor General’s prosecution guidelines, Police determined there was insufficient evidence to prosecute, the statement says.

All the relevant parties had been informed of this decision, the statement says.

So this was all bullshit, made up to hit Todd Barclay. Sources inside National HQ are saying they are increasingly uncomfortable with a board member trying to jack up a selection, and there is concern that a follow up complaint about wasting police time is being considered.

A proper Party President would invite a meddling board member to tender their resignation over interfering with selections.