Clutha-Southland push back against Glenda Hughes

Regular readers know that National Party Board member Glenda Hughes has been trying to jack up the selection in Clutha-Southland to get her man Simon Flood elected. Board members, apart from their necessary impartiality, are stupid for getting involved in selection because the locals always get pissed off about out of towners interfering with their selection.

The latest hit job on Hughes? target Todd Barclay is in the Otago Daily Times. Unfortunately for Hughes it didn’t quite come out as she would have hoped. Getting a label like the “Evil Six” is never going to work well for opponents of an MP.

Several Clutha-Southland National Party members in Gore have been dubbed the “evil six” in the increasingly bitter selection contest for the blue-ribbon seat.

The contest between MP Todd Barclay and challenger Simon Flood is dividing the electorate, and it is understood there is fierce lobbying of voting delegates.

At the first of three meet-the-candidate evenings, in Queenstown, on Wednesday, it is understood Mr Flood promised to unify and heal divisions in the normally placid electorate.

Neither Mr Flood nor Mr Barclay would comment on the issue when contacted.

National Party member Lloyd Anderson, of Gore, told the Otago Daily Times a group of members, whom he called the “evil six”, were stirring up trouble. Mr Anderson said he supported Mr Barclay because he was a good MP, working hard to represent the very large Clutha-Southland electorate.

Not a good look Glenda. Maybe you should stick to Wellington politics, although you seriously pissed off the LNI MPs by trying to move Chris Finlayson into Ohariu in place of hard working local Brett Hudson. And pissed them off further by trying to move on Jono Naylor.

The hit job absolutely failed, with the half-witted complaints about lobbying being kicked to touch.

The ODT asked Mr Anderson about a claim he lobbied a fellow church member last Sunday at Calvin Community Church, in Gore. Mr Anderson rejected that, but declined to discuss the matter.

“That person … really wants to sit down and understand how that conversation went from start to finish.

“That is 100% wrong in the way you have put it to me.”

Asked if church was an appropriate time to lobby for his favoured candidate, Mr Anderson said: “Pull your bloody woolly head in. Church was over and done with.

Glenda Hughes seems to have sided with people who wish they were generation snowflake, who can?t cope with someone giving their opinion. The tipline has been running hot with a lot more stories about the skullduggery in Clutha Southland so we are fact checking and will be looking into this selection further.