Clutha-Southland Selection

This blog has a longstanding position of not taking sides in any National selection, believing that the local electorate are by far the best people to select their candidate. Any interfering from outside the electorate, or skullduggery in the electorate needs to be outed, so the locals know who is trying to manipulate them, or ratfuck a candidate.

This cycle has been very, very clean. National has not indulged in the kind of bullshit we have had to publicise in the past, except in Clutha-Southland, where board member Glenda Hughes and the ?Evil Six? have been playing the kind of games that need to be outed.

We have not taken a position on either of the candidates, incumbent MP Todd Barclay and challenger Simon Flood. We will not be taking a position, but the tipline has been running off the hook about this selection so we will run our traditional pros and cons for each candidate.

Todd Barclay


  • Local boy well connected with the electorate
  • Well liked by his intake and other MPs, which is not always the case with new MPs
  • Understands the local issues and local economy, especially the all important agriculture
  • Has delivered some big wins in health and education, showing he is well connected and understands the system in Wellington


  • Young with little real world experience, so a light CV.
  • Limited exposure to the world outside of NZ
  • Lacked the ruthlessness to not take on all Bill?s staff when he became MP so has questionable political judgment

Sources in Clutha Southland say Todd is a diligent and likeable MP who spends a huge amount of time travelling around a massive electorate, doing the yeoman work that a good local MP does, and a bad one shirks.

Simon Flood


  • Very impressive international CV, having held major roles in huge banks in financial centres
  • Was considered such a promising candidate that a board member flew to Singapore to recruit him
  • Can be reasonably considered one of New Zealand?s best and brightest, someone who has proved himself on a world stage and is exactly the type of person who National should be recruiting
  • Sources are saying that he has been promised a direct promotion into a ministry because he is such an unusually strong candidate, and that his wife and family would be able to live in Wellington, not Clutha Southland


  • Hasn?t really done the work over the last three years to get around the electorate and understand the local issues through plenty of conversations with good National Party members
  • Does not seem a natural fit with an agrarian electorate, not having much understanding of the issues facing farmers
  • Has yet to convince the locals that he will do the kind of yeoman work that Todd Barclay has done across the electorate

Simon Flood is a real star who could be living anywhere in the world and doing all manner of interesting jobs. So as a country we need to be grateful that a person of his stature is willing to come back to contribute to New Zealand.

Both men provide an admirable contrast to the kind of bludging, whinging, whining ratbags that Labour seem to want us to support. So both deserve this blog’s best wishes and good luck with their final selection speeches and competition, and regardless of the outcome National needs to keep both of these candidates in politics for the long term.

As a final note there have been disgraceful stories coming out of Clutha-Southland that some delegates are thinking of voting against Simon Flood due to his wife, who is Asian. Regular readers know that we take a very hostile view of racism of any kind, including wanting to remove Phil Twyford from Parliament for his attacks on Auckland home buyers with chinky sounding names.

Anyone considering voting against Simon Flood for this reason should look at themselves hard in the mirror and ask if they can maintain their National membership. National is a party of tolerance, and equality of opportunity, and New Zealand is a country of immigrants. Delegates and National members in Clutha Southland should be making it very, very clear that anyone voting against Simon Flood on the basis of his wife are not upholding the fine traditions of the National Party and deserve to be featured in future blog posts.