Comment of the Day

Murray McCully is off to the UN to try to push what he calls a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

This is real “peace in our time” stuff from McCully.

But our commenter and moderator Isherman raises interesting points:

So Murray McCully is off to New York for what will be his last meeting of the UN Security Council before our term on that body ends.

“We are focused on working right up to the last day, and while in New York I will participate in the quarterly open debate on the Middle East, which will include a briefing from outgoing UN Sec. General Ban Ki Moon and a ministerial level debate on non-proliferation hosted by the new Foreign Minister of Spain.”

What Murray hasn’t said or been publicly promoting, or our media covering, is that New Zealand is also circulating a draft resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. ?

This draft declares that the two state solution is the “only way to achieve an enduring peace that meets Israeli security needs and Palestinian aspirations for statehood and sovereignty, ends the occupation that began in 1967 and resolves all permanent status issues” (quoted in

The bit that really jumps out at me is this little unqualified gem:

Regarding terrorism, the New Zealand draft calls for “an end to all acts of terrorism being perpetrated against both Israeli and Palestinian civilians”

Could Murray clarify exactly what is meant by terrorism against Palestinian civilians, because the wording is somewhat ambiguous. Is it referring to acts carried out by hardline settlers and individuals or the State?

I ask because Murray had real trouble describing terrorism against Israeli civilians in non-occupied Israeli cities as terrorism, in the recent violence that was largely incited and excused by the Palestinian leadership. Murray needs to listen to Danon, these resolutions that would seek to impose a solution via the U.N will not only fail, but prove to be counter productive to the stated desire to see a settlement reached.

Murray’s an idiot, and I’ll be more than a little glad when he is sent out to pasture, hopefully sooner rather than later.

McCully’s mission will be a failure. His proposition is based on a flawed premise but it is his pro-Islamic attitude that is really pushing that.

If Bill English really is a changed man the first thing he will do is sack Murray McCully.