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Whaleoil reader Rosco has given Murray McCully’s predicament a good think-through

So… I have been scanning the tea leaves and coming up with some interesting theories (of the conspiracy kind!!).

1. McCully has resigned from parliament and therefore doesn’t care a hoot what happens to NZ – he is guaranteed a sinecure at the UN or with his best-est buddies in the ME.

2. English and the cabinet were kept largely in the dark about what he has been up to.

3. McCully and Kerry have been hatching this for quite some time – hence the rushed trip by Kerry to NZ.

[there was no 4! – Ed]

5. English is caught between a rock and a hard place – and he is showing a complete lack of leadership by not making some sort of statement.

6. If Key had been PM, he would have fronted the media and probably fired McCully.

7. It reeks of the same sort of money for favours that happened when NZ voted against South Africa to host the soccer world cup.

8. Suspect there is some hurried back door chatter going on with the Trump team to try and repair the damage.

9. None of the above, English and the cabinet are ecstatic at shafting the only democracy in the ME and potentially losing all access to the US markets.

Some interesting things have come to light over the last 48 hours, some of which I shared in reply

I know for a fact that cabinet was not informed at all.

More importantly why was Bill English not patched into a call from a foreign PM to McCully.

OIA requests for phone records will show if McCully even briefed English.

This is going to turn into a quagmire for English the longer he remains silent.

Many ministers and MPs are stunned at what has transpired.

They hoped and are still hoping this would all go away because of Christmas and New Year. ?But the problem is the foreign press are only just getting into it and the New Zealand press are now covering it out of fear of being called out for sleeping on the job.

But that’s not English’s biggest problem. ?The biggest problem is that his ministers and MPs can’t go anywhere without having voters buttonholing them and asking for an explanation as to why New Zealand is swimming upstream.

I suspect the nation’s most effective polster is going to have to put down the Napisan and take the country’s temperature on this matter. ? But every day English delays taking a position is hurting. ?Even Andrew Little and David Seymour have spoken to Whaleoil to share their views on this matter, and it is total silence from National through official channels.

Unofficially however…