The final two members of the Evil Six in Clutha-Southland revealed

The other day I exposed four members of the “Evil Six” in Clutha-Southland who are mounting a bitter and twisted rear guard action against sitting MP Todd Barclay.?Local delegate Lloyd Anderson coined the phrase the ?Evil Six? who are out trying to rat-fuck Todd Barclay.

They are:

1. Alison McLeary-Moore

2. Mary Pullar (Mother of Bronwyn Pullar)

Those two were former staff who weren?t offered jobs when the MP changed. You be the judge of why not. ?

3. Glenys Dickson ??Bill?s former staffer who Parliamentary Services had to deal with because she was speaking ill of Barclay, Invercargill MP Sarah Dowie and other National MPs, and is now working for NZ First List MP Ria Bond. Quite why she is involving herself in National party matters now is beyond me.

4. Stuart Davie ? The former electorate chair who was removed by the electorate when they discovered he was working with the others to find someone to challenge Todd Barclay.

Word has reached my ears that Glenys Dickson, a NZ First staffer who has been meddling in this selection, is so angry she’s incandescent with rage, which at this time of the year when there are longer sunlight hours is somewhat pointless. ?

The last two members of the “Evil Six” are both former Gore branch members under Bill English who were also voted out because they were helping Glenys and Simon:

5. Maeva Smith

6. Peter Owens, who is a former lawyer but was struck off and a former teacher but was struck off by the Teacher’s Council for alcoholism. It should be noted that this Peters Owens is not the freelance journalist for the Aviation News)

That’s a real bunch of whiners and winners backing Simon Flood.

A note to Glenda Hughes and her team of people “assisting” Simon Flood. It pays not to let a candidate go unprepared to ‘Meet the Candidate’ meetings without knowing such basics as the gestation periods of various livestock or the number of A&P shows in the electorate each year. It makes your candidate look out of touch with the community. The answer is eight, just quietly.

If you are going to give your candidate strap lines to parrot to cover up for his lack of knowledge, in particular important areas…like farming, then choosing words that are way better than “quality circles” to describe picking the brains of the salt of the earth so that Simon Flood doesn’t look like a Gucci loafer wearing townie scared of getting cow shit on his loafers.

Speaking of loafers, rocking up to Winton or Gore or Balclutha wearing Calvin Kleins and Gucci loafers just cements the idea that the candidate is out of touch with the community and in those types of community you are unlikely to be left wondering about your pedigree. Again, just quietly, those same locals all think that Calvin Klein is that smelly German hippy who turned up looking for work three summers and they all suspect is the local weed dealer, while your Gucci loafers ARE going to get covered in cow shit.