Herald making fuss over nothing

The NZ Herald headline is “Shock after Buddhas refused by Sallies” and starts with:

“An Auckland woman was shocked when a Salvation Army volunteer told her the charity shop did not stock Buddha statues and would throw them away if they were donated.”

It turns out that the Salvation Army is sticking by their Protestant beliefs and will not sell Buddhist or Catholic ornaments, nor would they stock alcohol-branded merchandise or pornographic material. ?

The woman sort of acknowledges that NZ is a free society, saying:

“They have a right to sell what they want but…”.

The Salvation Army spokesperson said that they would try to dispose of things in appropriate ways – presumably out of respect for others so they wouldn’t burn a Koran, one would assume. Though imagine the outcry if the Salvation Army was seen to even be disposing one of those!

The kicker is that the President of the Theravada Buddhist Association questioned if statues of Buddha are always religious, and not just a garden ornament. He seemed to have no issue with the Salvation Army approach and was as respectful as the Sally’s seemed to be.

Why are we “Shocked” that Christians have beliefs that influence the way they behave? Or was the journalist “shocked” because the Buddhist didn’t want to behead the shop for blasphemy?

Whatever I think of the Sally’s religious beliefs, they are being respectful to others and to themselves. They aren’t going out of their way to destroy religious symbols or enforce their beliefs on us. They wouldn’t be burning buildings or take up arms if there was a cartoon of Jesus printed. New Zealand is a tolerant country and we should extend that to our Christian citizens also – at least the Buddhist community can.

What is truly “shocking” is that the NZHerald will not print a cartoon of Mohammad. That’s not tolerance, that’s kowtowing.

I wonder if they will send a reporter down to the local Muslim shop and demand they stock menorah…I mean they are candlesticks after all. What’s the big deal?


-NZ Herald