Highbury Mall, where you are guilty until you take the time and money to prove you’re innocent

Broken tech is causing trouble in one of Auckland’s shopping malls.

Number plate recognition is leading to parking tickets in an Auckland mall when shoppers visit twice in one day.

Birkenhead resident Ian Squire says he has received two tickets since a 180-minute time limit was introduced at Birkenhead’s Highbury Mall in May.

“I have done nothing wrong. I spend my money in my local community and I don’t deserve the ticket,” he said.

“It’s a $59 dollar fine each time. I feel the public need to be warned.”

Squire says he received his ticket on his second visit to the mall in one day; however, he says each visit was under half an hour.

“Mall management don’t realise that people shop more than once a day.”

Squire also said he fears Birkenhead shops are going to empty, if this continues.

“I don’t want our village to become a ghost town. If this mall dies, say goodbye to the village” he said.

GM Marketing & Communications Sara Johnson said parking at Highbury Mall is managed by number plate recognition.

“Sometimes when people return, it can result in a ticket as it looks they have parked for longer than three hours. ”

The new 180-minute time is to stop non-shoppers parking in the centre all day, she said.

Johnson said fines will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis if shoppers contact the mall with time-stamped receipts.

Squire’s ticket has been rescinded on this basis.

So they fine you because their system only allows you to turn up once a day and it doesn’t actually take note of you leaving.  Oh that would cost too much in extra cameras, wouldn’t it?

But to add insult to injury, it is up to you to go back in a third time on your own time, to prove that you weren’t parking there in excess of three hours in one continuous stretch.

This is very bad for business.

I’m going to avoid Highbury Mall until they treat their customers a little better.  It simply isn’t a good idea to treat people as lying scum unless they have the paper work to prove themselves innocent.


– Laine Moger, Stuff


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