Idiot journalist doesn’t know election laws

..or how to count.

In the article about Labour taking a dive to help the Greens in Nelson, Tim O’Connell makes the following statement:

The Green Party was bequeathed $250,000 by an anonymous donor, with the condition it was used in the Nelson and West Coast-Tasman electorates.

Maybe Tim O’Connell doesn’t know the election laws.

Maybe he does not know how to use Google to find the laws or the donation register.  

Maybe he can’t see the difference between $250,000 and $283,835.99.

Anyone who has even the most basic knowledge of election laws knows that a donation of over $30,000 has to be declared, and if the donor cannot be named the money has to be turned over to the electoral commission.

The law is very strict about this point.

Knowing this, it is a simple matter of searching for the donation on the donations return. This will come up with this page and this number. A number which is not $250,000.


And the Media party wonders why noone trusts them.


– Fairfax


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