The Alt-Left not only exists it is already active in New Zealand

On Wednesday, the conservative-leaning advocacy group One Nation released a statement on Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

?Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Lead Alt-Left in Hijacking of Bipartisan Medical Research Bill,? the subject line read.

Wait. ?Alt-left??

You may have heard of the alt-right…

There remains plenty of disagreement about what exactly ?alt-right? means, but it’s a loaded political term carrying connotations of white nationalism and even racism.

…The term isn’t brand new, but it?has just now gradually worked its way into the mainstream…

…The use of the term ?alt-left,? then, would seem to be a way to point out that there are also extremists on the left.


Alt stands for alternative and in the case of the Alt-Right, it?loosely covers not only nationalists and those who think being white makes them superior but it also covers conservatives who engage in politics in new and exciting ways. They are mischievous, politically incorrect and not afraid to be offensive. Their brand of political?activism has grabbed the attention of voters who previously considered conservative politics to be boring. The best symbol of Alt-Right activism, in my opinion, is Pepe the frog who has had countless memes created in his honour and who got right under the skin of Hillary during the election.



The Alt-left are just as keen to grab people’s attention and their activists know a good idea when they see one. The Alt-Right made conservative ideas cool again so the Alt-Left has taken notes.


The Alt-left have been under our noses all along. They have been invisible to us because we gave them a different label long ago. When you read the below chart it will all become clear to you. The extremist activists of the Alt-left, are populated exclusively with the foot soldiers we commonly refer to as social justice warriors or more accurately?social justice bullies.




The Alt-left in New Zealand do have memes but they lack originality.


For those of you who think I have made them up here are some links to some of them on social media. One New Zealand individual has tried to divide the alt-left into two groups;?Realist left and Alt-left. This reflects the divisions within the alt-right as most want nothing to do with racism or anti-Semitism?but still identify as alt-right.

Realist Left on the Internet:
Realist Left on Facebook
Realist Left on Twitter @realistleft
Social Democracy for the 21st Century: A Realist Alternative to the Modern Left

Alt Left on the Internet:
Alternative Left on Facebook
An Alt-Left closed Facebook discussion group can be accessed through this page as well.

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It occurred to me that the Alt-left since they are extremists might be those who want to force people to do things. I searched left-wing political ?facebook pages to see if I could find anything that fit that description. I found a ?poster that is proposing a bill that will?force?the New Zealand government to spend taxpayers money on buildings and then to discriminate against buyers when they sell them at a significant loss to a select group of people. This is crazy stuff and the political party behind the poster will shock you. Nope, it wasn’t the batshit crazy Greens and it wasn’t the Cat killer’s party. Believe it or not, it was the Labour Party.


The Labour party is now so far to the left that they have become the Alt-Labour Party.

The alt might stand for ?alternative or it might stand for ?altruism?given their propensity for spending other people’s money.Whatever it stands for they will need more than some great Pepe the Frog memes to win the 2017 election.