Is the Labour Party a friend of Israel?

After the National Party shafted Israel at the UN a number of us here on Whaleoil expressed our disgust. Some of us asked what other political parties we could give one or both of our votes to in order to show both our support for Israel and our condemnation of what the National Party has done. I decided to contact the leaders of Act, New Zealand First and the Maori Party as well as the Labour Party. I didn’t bother with the Green Party as their anti-Israel stance was made abundantly clear earlier this year. The Conservative Party currently lacks a leader so I had no one to contact.


The first leader to respond to my request for comment was Labour leader, Andrew Little. I am very impressed considering that most politicians are on holiday and unavailable to media. Even if they were all available no New Zealand mainstream media have even tried to cover the story of what McCully and the National Party did at the UN to?Israel, let alone ask any politician what their parties stance is.


Labour leader Andrew Little’s response is below, in full and unedited:

It would be a weird friendship if one of its conditions was to accept uncritically everything it did. While I respect Israel’s right to defend itself against hostile neighbours, and it has a few, it doesn’t have the right to appropriate land that is not legally its land. The world is prepared to support a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, and is frustrated Israel says it wants peace but acts in ways contrary to it. I want peace for Israel, and peace for the Palestinians. I also want both to observe the international rule of law.

-Andrew Little